Lip Pencils

17cm long to create that perfect pout and lip shape, available in various shades from neutral to berry shades.

Lip Sticks

Available in handy, economical 3 shade lipstick, or in varying palette sizes. More than your average lip colours. Long lasting, 48 shades available.

Fabulous product as it can be used as a cream blusher or eyeshadow. There are 16 shade mini tester palettes that are pre-made in handy colour combos of pink, browns/natural, trendy new shades (mixed colour range).

  • Lipstick in tube
  • ‘ 5 ‘ shade mini lipstick palette
  • ‘ 6’ shade Kryolan lipstick palette
  • ‘ 12’ shade Kryolan lipstick palette
  • ‘ 16’ shade Kryolan lipstick palette
  • Refill for palette
  • Lip stacks


Nice, thick and moisturising glosses in mini tubes with applicator. Ideal for touch-ups and a fresh look.,
A range of colours available.

  • Lip gloss with applicator
  • Lip glitter
    • plain
    • mother of pearl glitter
    • metallic glitter