These are 17cm long with a soft tip for an easy, smooth application.

  • Available in blue and various shades (Matte/shimmer).
  • Can be used for eyebrows and lips too.

Liquid Liners

  • Black, Brown, Green, Blue and various shimmer shades.
  • Will not crack or peel off.


Small bottles of glitter dust for eyes or body.


These long lasting shadows have 4x the amount of pigment than regular commercial brands, so it has a brilliant staying power. available in varying palette sizes or single shade pots. Larger palettes’ colour can be replaced when finished.

  • Eyeshadow -single, matte
  • ‘ 5 ‘ shade mini eyeshadow palette
  • ‘ 6 ‘ shade eyeshadow palette
  • ‘ 10 ‘ shade eyeshadow palette
  • ‘ 12 ‘ shade eyeshadow palette
  • Eyeshadow refills


Available in black, black/brown, blue and grey.